8 in 1 Precision Magnetic Screwdriver S2 Alloy Steel hand tools



PHONEFIX 8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Opening Repair Tools Kit with 8pcs S2 Alloy Steel Screw Head for iPhone 7 7 Plus

Compatible with iPhone 8 / 8 plus / X, 7/7 Plus, 6S 6S plus, 6 6 Plus....

Product Description:

  • Feature 1: Scope of application: removable 99% mobile phones; Flat; The notebook; Digital products; Some instruments; Small home appliance etc.
  • Feature 2:The handle adopts metal anti-skid treatment, and the batch head adopts S2 alloy steel and durable
  • Feature 3:Multiple batch head specifications, easy to face a variety of working environments
  • Function: 8 in 1 multi-function screwdriver set combination disassembly obile phone notebook repair tools
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: S2 alloy steel

6pcs Steel Screw Head List:

  • Tri-wing 0.6mm Y
  • Cross Head 0.6 (+)
  • Pentalobe 0.8 (★)
  • Pentalobe 1.2 (★)
  • Flat head 1.5 (-)
  • Cross Head 1.2 (+)
  • Cross Head 1.5 (+)
  • Inner hex head 2.5mm

Warm Tip:
The screwdriver has strong magnet. If it is difficult to release the bits, please clean oil on the surface of bits firstly.

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