A13 BGA Reballing Magnetic Positioning Fixture For iPhone 11 Pro Max

Package: A13 steel reballing
Option: Without Fixture


AMAOE A13 CPU BGA reballing magnetic positioning fixture for iPhone 11 Pro Max CPU down side reballing planting plate, iPhone 11 Pro MAX A13 CPU BGA IC reballing stencil positioning fixture, Amaoe BGA reballing stencil platform jig fixture holder for iPhone 11 Pro Max motherboard soldering repair tools, A13 BGA Tin planting table motherboard reballing platform

Amaoe A13 CPU Magnetic BGA Reballing Stencil Platform Reballing Kit with BGA Planting Tin Net Stencil For iPhone 11 Pro Max Soldering Repair

Description :
iPhone 11 Pro Max A13 CPU BGA reballing platform kit including positioning board, steel stencil, heat resistance board, solder isolation board
iPhone 11 Pro MAX A13 CPU BGA reballing platform for motherboard middle layer soldering / desoldering / reballing repair tool
the professional positioning and reballing tools will offer you best solution for iPhone X motherboard repair

iPhone A13 BGA Reballing Fixture Kit :
1pcs x A13 Positioning Fixture
1pcs x Magnetic Base
1pcs x Steel Reballing Stencil
1pcs x Heat Resistance Board

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