Acrylic PET Red Film Clear Double Sided Tape for Phone Screen Repair

Width: 2.0mm


Strong acrylic adhesive PET red film clear double sided tape no trace sticker for phone LCD screen repair, No trace PET red film clear double sided tape for Phone display, battery, lens assemble repair tool, PET acrylic clear double sided tape for screen, panel, lens, camera cover uneven surface

High Temperature Acrylic PET Red Film Sotch Adhesive Tape For Phone Screen Repair

[ Optiol PET Acrylic Clear Double Sided Tape ] :

Option 1: 2.0mm Width, 25M Lenght
Option 2: 4.0mm Width, 25M Lenght
Option 3: 6.0mm Width, 25M Lenght
Option 4: 8.0mm Width, 25M Lenght
Option 5: 10.0mm Width, 25M Lenght
Option 6: 12.0mm Width, 25M Lenght
Option 7: 15.0mm Width, 25M Lenght
Option 8: 20.0mm Width, 25M Lenght

Strong adhension
High-temperature resist

Widely usage: in high temperature and low temperature have a good adhesion, non-polar materials have a high adhesive strength. Used for mobile phone window / lens, battery compartment fixed; digital camera lens cover, rubber sheet, memory card fixed.

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