38mm CTV Stereo Industrial Microscope C-Mount Camera Adapter

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38mm CTV Stereo Microscope Camera Adapter 23.2mm C mount Industrial Digital Video Microscopio Camera Aadapter Tube

Specification :

Trinocular stereo microscope Electronic eyepiece CTV, microscope camera adapter CCD camera interface
Camera interface: 23.2mm
Microscope connection diameter: 38mm
The thread is a standard C-Mount for docking any C-Mount industrial camera or electronic eyepiece to the Biology Stereo Microscope. Equipped with a rubber ring, so that the connection microscope more solid, no loose phenomenon.
Eyepiece tube diameter of 23.2mm connect the industrial camera directly into the microscope eyepiece hole can be.

Package List:
1 x 38mm to 23.2mm Microscope Camera Adapter
1 x 23.2mm C-Mount Camera Tube

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