Adjustable Watch Back Cover Opening Tool Case Remover with 18pcs Screw

Size: 34MM Case


Universal 34mm 55mm Waterproof Wrench Watch Case Cover Opener with 18pcs Adjustable Clamp Screws Watch Opening Repair Tool for Watchmaker Repair Tool

Optional Type:
  • Option 1: 34MM Case (<5CM) Max compatible case diameter: 34mm
  • Option 2: 55MM Case (<7CM) Max compatible case diameter: 55mm
  • Option 3: Fixing Holder ( Yellow ) -Model: WP011

  1. For watch repair, maintenance, strap adjustment, battery replacement, etc.
  2. Complete, convenient and easy to use.
  3. Maintenance of dial, strap lengthening or shortening can be easily deal with.
  4. A Suitable Kit for Home Maintenance.

18pcs Adjustable Clamp Screws ( Round, Flat, Square, Toothed )

Package includes:
  • 1pcs x Watch Case Opener
  • 18 pins (6 Set) x Adjustable Screws

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