Amaoe NAND BGA Reballing Stencil EMMC/EMCP/UFS Positioning Platform

Option: 4 kinds steel plate


Amaoe Nand BGA reballing stencil plamplate EMMC / EMCP / UFS positioning platform steel plate for nand rework tool kit, EMMC/EMCP/UFS positioning platform + adjustment steel plate, iPhone baseband CPU NAND BGA reballing tin net stencils with magnetic base positioning fixture, AMAOE BGA stencil net set EMMC/EMCP/UFS font planting tin stencil BGA153/162/169/186/221/254 for Android mobile phones NAND rework tool

EMMC/EMCP/UFS Positioning Platform + Adjustment Steel Plate For BGA153/162/169/ 186/221/254 for Android NAND Rework Tool

[ Optional Types ] :
  • BGA153-0.15mm
  • BGA169-0.15mm
  • BGA162-0.15mm
  • BGA186-0.15mm
  • BGA221-0.15mm
  • BGA254-0.15mm
  • Positioning platform
  • Position Kit
  • TV EMMC Set
  • Phone EMMC Set

Font library universal positioning plate + adjustment steel mesh

Positioning board data :
Horizontal chip slot: 12mm * 16mm
(BGA169 / BGA186)
Vertical chip slot: 11.5mm * 13mm
(BGA153 / BGA162 / BGA221 / BGA254)

The positioning plate is matched with the adjustment steel sheet to be compatible with more fonts of different thicknesses, so it need be sold as a set.

Note : The first purchase requires a matching magnet base. If you already have Amaoe’s magnetic base, you don’t need to buy it again.

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