AMTECH NC-559-ASM Lead-Free Solder Flux Paste for BGA Welding Repair



AMTECH 10CC NC-559-ASM BGA PCB No-Clean Solder Paste Lead-Free Welding Advanced Oil Flux Grease for Cell Phone BGA Soldering Repair Paste

It can be used for rework, sphere or pin attachment to BGA, PGA and CSP packages, and assemble operations such as Flip Chip attachment to PWB substrates. It is a necessary and helpful tool in BGA reballing. The Lead Free Solder Paste had transparent residue and low solder ball rate, and excellent wetting ability on PCB.

  1. Excellent capacity of solder-stickiness
  2. Excellent Anti-wet Capacity
  3. Widely used on BGA, PGA, CSP packages and flip chip operation
  4. Suitable for multiple PCB reflow
  5. No-clean and Lead free for environmental protection

  • Brand: AMTECH
  • Flux Type: NC-559-ASM
  • Volume: 10cc / bottle
  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 0.09kg

Package includes:
  • 1pc x NC-559-ASM Solder Flux Solder Paste

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