Anti-Static Ceramic Tweezers Industrial Straight Curved Tweezers

Option: Curved headed


1PC Non Conductive Ceramic Tweezers Heat Resistant Anti-Static Ceramic Tweezers with Insulated Pointed Straight / Curved Tip DIY Hand Pick Up Tool

  1. The tweezers is made of high grade stainless steel, acid-base resistant and magnetically resistant.
  2. Strong heat resistance of the head, high temperature 1600 degrees, rarely cracks, can work for a long time.
  3. Ceramic tip is not magnetic and electrostatic, suitable for the operation of precision sensitive electronic components.

  • 100% Brand new
  • Length: approx. 120 -130mm
  • Ceramic precision tips.
  • Contamination free, high temperature, wear and solder resistant.
  • Anti-Static Curved Straight Ceramic Tweezers Heat Resistant Non Conductive.
  • Ceramic replaceable tips.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Durable in use. 

Package List:
  • 1pc x Ceramic Tweezers

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