Anti-Static Repair Mat Soldering Repair Pad with Ground Wire ESD Wrist



30cmx40cm grounding anti-static mat for phone repair pad, green color reworking desk mat for iPhone Samsung mobile phone repair, it is made out of the best static dissipative material to protect devices from possible ESD. Anti-static blanket ESD mat + free ground wire + free ESD wrist, Size: 30*40cm, Thickness: 2mm

Anti-static Phone Repair Pad Conductive Desk Mat with Ground Wire ESD Wrist

Grounding Anti static Mat
Professional phone repair ESD Mat
Material: anti-static PVC + PVC foam
Grounding cord: with alligator clip
Size: 30*40 cm
Thickness: 2 mm

The Anti-static Mat is acid resistant, alkali-resistant, anti chemical flux, wear resistant,easy clean. It can be applied to matting desktop, line working mesa and so on, achieves the effect of static electricity protective, avoid devices damaged.

How to Use Anti Static Mat?
The installation and use of such a mat are extremely simple: you just roll it out (or unfold it), connect the grounding cable to your work station’s leg using either the banana jack or the alligator clip.

Next, you can connect yourself to the mat, using an anti static wrist strap, and that’s it; your sensitive devices are protected against ESD!

Package includes :
1pcs x 30cm*40cm anti-static mat

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