Anti-static Stainless Steel Straight Curved Tweezers

Package: Anti-static


PHONEFIX 8Pcs Multifunctional Anti-static Tweezers Precision Tweezers Repair Tool Kit for Picking Up Cell phone Logic Board Electronic Components

The Anti-static stainless steel straight tweezers - ESD 12 is suitable for all kinds of electronic components, convenient, improve the work efficiency. It is used for SMD, chip, jewelry, eyelash extension, electronic repairing, leather work, etc. It has a pointed and hard tip.

8Pcs: ESD-10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 phone repair kits pocket: 8-IN-1 Tweezers tools Kit

Option Type:
  • Option 1: Stainless Steel - Multifunctional
  • Option 2: Anti-static - Multifunctional

  • Anti-Magnetic, Anti-Acid Steel
  • Suitable for high-density integrated circuit chip components.
  • A rang of high quality stainless steel tweezers, design to meet the requirements of the electronics and precision engineering industries.
  • The Anti-static stainless steel straight tweezers is anti-static non-magnetic and non-corrosive.
  • The Anti-static stainless steel straight tweezers is very light & easy to handle help reduce hand pressure. 

Package List:
  • 1 x ESD-10
  • 1 x ESD-12
  • 1 x ESD-13
  • 1 x ESD-14
  • 1 x ESD-15
  • 1 x ESD-16
  • 1 x ESD-17

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