Precision Anti-static Tweezers electronic components pick up tool

Size: ESD-10


Precision Anti-static Tweezers Set ESD Repair Tool Non-magnetic Stainless Steel Hand Tools

The Anti-static stainless steel straight tweezers - ESD 12 is suitable for all kinds of electronic components, convenient, improve the work efficiency. It is used for SMD, chip, jewelry, eyelash extension, electronic repairing, leather work, etc. It has a pointed and hard tip.



  • The Anti-static stainless steel ESD straight tweezers is anti-static non-magnetic and non-corrosive.
  • The Anti-static stainless steel ESD straight tweezers is very light & easy to handle help reduce hand pressure.

Tweezers Specifications:
-  Length: 15 mm
-  Material: 302 stainless steel, comes in anti-static coated.
ESD-10: Fine tip, straight
ESD-11: Fine tip, straight
ESD-12: Fine tip, straight
SD-13: Rounded spade tip, straight
ESD-14: Super fine tip, straight
ESD-15: Fine tip, angled
ESD-16: Heavy-weight pointed tip
ESD-17: Fine tip curved

1x ESD-10 (122mm)
1x ESD-11(140mm)
1x ESD-12(135mm)
1x ESD-13(122mm)
1x ESD-14(122mm)
1x ESD-15(117mm)
1x ESD-16(127mm)
1x ESD-17(117mm)

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