AT34 USB Charger Voltmeter Ammeter Tester Power Bank Detector



AT34 USB 3.0 Color LCD Display Voltage Current Meter Tester Multimeter USB Tester, Mobile Phone Quick Charger Battery Power Bank Detector Repair Assistant.

Testers are widely used in the quality inspection of 3C digital peripheral products, and are the first choice for digital gamer and electronic enthusiasts.
Real-time detection of the state of charge of the appliance, voltage, current, power and other indicators at a glance.

Technical Parameter:

  • Product Model: AT34
  • Display screen: 1.44 Inch color LCD display
  • Voltage measurement range: 3.70-30.00V
  • Voltage measurement resolution: 0.01V
  • Current measurement range: 0-4.000A
  • Current measurement resolution: 0.001A
  • Capacity accumulation range: 0-99999mAh
  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ±(0.8%+4digits under 25℃)
  • Energy accumulation range: 0-99999mWh 999.99W
  • Current measurement accuracy: ±(1%+4 digits, under 25℃)
  • Load impedance range: 1Ω-9999.9Ω
  • Power measurement range: 0-120W
  • Temperature range: -0℃~80℃/32℉~176℉
  • Temperature measurement error: ±3℃/±6℉
  • Working temperature range: 0~45℃
  • Refresh rate: 2Hz
  • Product size: 64mm x 22mm x 12mm
  • Product weight: 140g( with packaging 280g)

Quick charge recognition mode: QC2.0, QC3.0, APPLE 2.4A / 2.1A / 1A / 0.5A, Android DCP, Samsung


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Package List:
1 x AT34 USB 3.0 Color LCD USB Tester

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