ATTEN 8502D Dual LCD Display Hot Air Gun SMD Soldering Rework Station



ATTEN AT8502D intelligent & lead-free hot air gun soldering rework station, ATTEN 8502D 2 in 1 rework station for electronics circuit board repair tool, ATTEN AT8502D lead free soldering station SMD rework station advanced hot air soldering station with intelligent malfunction prompt to let user locate causes fast and accurately. ATTEN 8502D rework station is suitable for advanced hobbyists, repair, rework, and educational use with dual LCD.

220V / 900W Atten 8502D 2 in 1 Hot Air SMD Rework & Soldering Station Iron

Product Features :

  1. Advanced integrated computer provides outstanding thermo-control and thermo-stability for precise temperature control
  2. Dual LCD displays the working and parameter temperatures
  3. Quick-to-temp power up
  4. High flow diaphragm pump is suitable for a variety of nozzles to desolder SMD components
  5. Automatic shut-off and sleep mode for safety and energy savings
  6. Convenient buttons on the hand piece allow instant adjustment of temperature and air volume
  7. Memory stores up to three air and temperature presets

Characteristics :

  1. MCU computer offers PID advanced algorithms industrial control with thermo-control and thermo-stability, which makes more exactly control temperature.
  2. Dual LCD screen respectively and separately display the working state and parameter, which is very directly. So customer can understand the output state at a glance.
  3. Temperature rapidly rises with large output power.
  4. High flow diaphragm pump suitable for varies of nozzles to desolder SMD components.
  5. Dormancy, automatic shut down and other power-saving features.
  6. Shortcut keys on the handle make it more convenient for the user to adjust temperature and air volume.
  7. Three groups of storage functions can bring very fast mode of switching different groups of temperature and hot-air volume to the customers.
  8. All units are equipped with temperature compensation, which ensure stable state of operation.
  9. Indicator for malfunction alert. 

Technical Specification :

Model AT8502D Intelligent lead-free rework station
Total power About 900W(max) Heating:800(max)pump(diaphragh): 40W
Range for temperature

Hot Air Rework Station

Soldering Station

100-500 C

200-480 C

Temperature unit C/F Convertible
Temperature controlling
Static 2C
Temperature controlling
Static 10C
Calibration range



50 C ~-50 C


Setting storage (3 groups)

Rework Station

Soldering Station

1.200 C, 40 2.300 C 60 3.400C 80

1.200C 2.300C 3.400C

Range of air volume Rework Station 020-100 level
Dormancy and standby Rework Station Stopping heating, air-blowing delay and then be in the condition of dormancy
Cold Air Rework Station Air-blowing made by the machine
Malfunction alert

Heating Elements


Displaying H-E

Displaying S-E

Shutdown in the
normal condition
Cold air delay shutdown, power off

Package List :

  • 1pcs x Power cord
  • 4pcs x Nozzles
  • 1pcs x Bracket
  • 1pcs x 907 handle
  • 1pcs x 905 iron holder
  • 1pcs x English Manual

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