ATTEN AT858D+ Hot Air Gun BGA Soldering Rework Station 700W 220V



ATTEN AT858D+ hot air gun soldering rework station 220V 700W, ATTEN AT858D+ solder rework station is a brand new BGA soldering rework station for cell phone weldering tool, soldering station for mobile phone repairing, mobile phone repairing BGA soldering rework station.

Brand new ATTEN AT858D+ BGA Soldering Rework Station Hot Air Gun 220V 700W

Product Features:
  1. Close loop sensor circuit, keep temperature with different blowing rate. LED display.
  2. Tunnable air flow rate
  3. Handle with magnet touch sensor, start blowing when pick it up on hand. When put it back to the handle mount, auto standby mode and stop the air flow

Product Specification :
  • Power: 700W
  • Air Flow: 120L/ Minute
  • Temperature: 100C~450C
  • Noise: <45db
  • Size: 13.8cm x 10cm x 15cm
  • Operating voltage: 220 V

Package List :
  • 1pcs x ATTEN AT 858D+
  • 1pcs x hot air gun handle
  • 1pcs x handle stand
  • 3pcs x nozzles

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