ATTEN ST-965 Lead-Free Soldering Station Adjustable Temperature

Voltage: 110V


ATTEN ST-965 lead-free Soldering Station Adjustable Temperature

ST-965 Soldering station

Temperature locking,temperature calibration and temperature alarming function
Password protecting function and temperature unite switching function
Buttons(1,2,3) for pre-setting or switching frequentlyused temperature
New design with LCD display screen making control visualization
Automatic standby ,shutdown with smart time setting
MCU controlled temperature calibration
Beep alarm function available
Security sticker
Copper transformer
Pluggable heater
SMT Process

Define button:
“▲” add value ,"▽" decrease value
That shortly press button change value slowly,long press button change value rapidly
Long press both key "1" and "3" at the same time to enter into menu mode
Key "2" means save or confirm
3 groups of preset key
Key "1" ,"2" and "3" is 3 groups of preset key
Set preset value by long pressing key key “1“ ,”2” or “3” under working status

Menu set
LOC:Temp lock function
C-F:Temp switch °C/°F
CAL:Temp cailbration +/- 50°C
SLP:Auto-sleep function(1-60mins)
OFF:Auto-standby function(1-60mins)
H-L:Temp limited alarm function(beep 20~80 °C)
PSD:Password protection (01-999 digits)

Anti-static funtion by grounding

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