B7000 E8000 T8000 Phone Screen Transparent Adhesive Liquid Glue

Option: B7000- Transparent
Size: 15ML


Multi-purpose Industrial Adhesive Glue B7000 / E8000 / T7000 / T8000 Medium iscosity Transparent / Black Glue Adhesive

Clear Liquid Glue Super Glue DIY Mobile Phone Sets Crafts Pearl Jewelry Diamond.

Mobile phone screen glue B7000 / E8000 liquid adhesive force is not Alice side with a needle

Optional Types :
  • Option 1: B7000 15ml - Transparent glue adhesive
  • Option 2: B7000 50ml
  • Option 3: B7000 110ml
  • Option 4: E8000 50ml - Transparent glue adhesive
  • Option 5: E8000 110ml
  • Option 6: T8000 50ml - Transparent glue adhesive
  • Option 7: T8000 110ml - Transparent glue adhesive
  • Option 8: T7000 15ml - Black glue adhesive
  • Option 9: T7000 50ml - Black glue adhesive
  • Option 10: T7000 110ml - Black glue adhesive

Multi Purpose Clear Super Sealant Glue for repair Phone Frame / Touch Screen / Glass Adhesive Liquid, fully transparent flexible adhesive semiconductor.

Package includes:
  • 1pc x Clear Super Sealant Glue

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