Back Camera Lens Cover For iPhone 12 Mini

Type: Original
Color: Black


iPhone back camera lens with bezel for iPhone 12 Mini repair, original iPhone 12 Mini back rear camera holder with lens for replacing damaged iPhone external lens cover, high quality iPhone 12 Mini rear camera lens glass with metal ring replacement accessories

iPhone 12 Mini Rear Back Camera Lens Cover Replacement Part

Optional Types :
  • Option 1: Original
  • Option 2: Copy (good quality)

Optional Color: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue

Note :
  1. Please choose the right model and correct color.
  2. Professional skills and special repair tools are required for replacing iPhone back camera lens cover.
  3. China Phonefix is not responsible for any damage caused during installation and after use.

Package List :
  • 2pcs x iPhone back camera external lens glass
  • 2pcs x iPhone back camera lens metal bezel ring

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