Backlight Coil Capacitor L4020 L4021 Backlight IC Diode For iPhone 6SP

大小: C1505


iPhone L4020 L4021 backlight coil diode for iPhone 6 6S 6S Plus 7 7 Plus motherboard repair, D4020 D4021 L1503 L1519 coil diode, iPhone motherboard backlight repair IC, iPhone 6S Plus logic board backlight trouble repair IC set, replacement IC for iPhone damaged backlight diode

iPhone 6S / 6S Plus Backlight Solutions IC Kit: U4020 L4020 L4021 Coil D4021 D4020 Diode C4041 Capacitor Backlight Filter IC

[ Option IC ] :
  • Option 1: 6S/6SP D4021 backlight Diode
  • Option 2: 6S/6SP D4020 backlight Diode
  • Option 3: 6S/6SP L4021 backlight Coil
  • Option 4: 6S/6SP L4020 backlight Coil
  • Option 5: 6 big L1503 backlight coil
  • Option 6: 6 4pin T5301 capacitor
  • Option 7: 6 D1501/1589 backlight diode
  • Option 8: 6 L2401 capacitor
  • Option 9: 6 L1519 coil
  • Option10: U4020 backlight ic 
  • Option 11: C1505 C1530 C1531 backlight capacitors
  • Opton 12: FL2024 FL2025 FL2026 backlight filters
  • Option13: C4023 backlight capacitor
  • Option14: C4022 backlight capacitor
  • Option15: C4020 C4021 backlight capacitor

Package includes:
1pcs x Backlight IC Coil

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