Apple Battery Capacity Tester Box for iPhone iPad Battery Diagnostic

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Battery Tester Box with Battery Protection Board and Lightning Data Cable Test Board, Diagnosticing Battery performance, such as checking Battery Life, Battery Health, Capacity, Discharge Rate, Cycle Count, and more.

Universal Apple Battery performance Diagnostic Tester for iPhone iPad watch, added Lightning Data cable Test board

Supporting Models:
※ 4,4S,5,5C,5S,5SE,6,6P,6S,6SP,7,7P,8,8P,X
※ iPad mini1, 2, 3, 4
※ iPad 3, 4
※ iPad 9.7 (New)
※ iPad Air1, Air2
※ iWatch 1: 38mm, 42mm
※ Watch 2: 38mm, 42mm

Battery level test (Initiative);
Data cable quiescent current test (Initiative);
Automatically record and store the measured battery parameters (Initiative);
Battery efficiency, full charge capacity one-button resurrection (Initiative);
Apple data cable DB head genuine and fake test;
Original, high imitation battery original 1:1 genuine and sham test;
Design capacity can be modified arbitrarily;
Full charge capacity can be modified arbitrarily;
Use cycle times can be modified arbitrarily;
Factory code can be modified arbitrarily;
Product serial number can be modified arbitrarily;
Separate protection board test;
One-button clearance function;
Write-in cycle times at random(0-9);
The function of charging automatically and activating the battery;
Computer software can be developed according to requirements;

Functions of Testing:
System Status, Device Model, Health Status, Standby Current, Remaining Capacity
Chip Model, Current Voltage, Firmware Version, Design Capacity, Full Charge Capacity
Average Current, Cycle Times, Battery Temperature, Maximum Load Current, Product Manufacturer
Product serial number, Measurement status, Chemical mark, Factory code

Writing the cycle times at random:
Double-click the button on the right to write randomly the cycles times of battery (1-9).
The times of battery cycles is cleared:
Click the right button, then, the times of battery cycles is cleared.

Battery charging activation:
The box needs to be connected to the charger, plug in the battery, short press the left button, it will enter the charging state, at this time, the battery current will display the charging milliamps, the default is maximum 500ma;
This function is for batteries which can not charge and need to be charged.

Special Reminder:
Regarding the problems that occurred during the upgrade process, if upgrade is successful but the instrument does not restart automatically, you need manually turn the power off and turn it on again.
If upgrade is unexpectedly interrupted or failed, you can turn off the power, then press the right button on the instrument and turn on the instrument again. Computer will prompt the instrument has been connected, upgrade mode, and now, you can upgrade again.

The instrument itself needs to be fully charged and used so that get an accurate test result. If the power supply is insufficient, please charge it in time. The upper right corner on the screen is the battery power of the instrument. If the screen dim out or flickering during the test, it is considered as low power. Please charge and use it

Common problems:
1: Can this instrument repair a bad battery?
This test instrument cannot repair cells which is caused by physical damage due to the service life! It only can detect the performance and various parameters of battery, The function of repairing the battery efficiency is only for customers who need it (Such as: the battery, having a small problem, need to return to the factory to repair and re-sell). After repairing, it will back to the original efficiency after several times of automatic charging and discharging.

Package List: 
  1 PC Battery Tester
  1 PC Power Adapter
  1 PC USB data cable
  1 PC Phone Battery Test Board
  1 PC Pad/Watch Battery Test Board
  1 PC Data Cable Test Board
  1 PC Non-removal Battery Test Board
  1 PC Battery Discharge Connecting Plate

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