Solder Paste Pen Flux-Coating Tool Flux paste brush for PCB welding

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Flux Pen BON-102 Original Japan Bon-102 Flux Paste Solder Paste Flux pen Welding Flux 2pcs/lot
New Flux Pen PCB Soldering Solder Tool Applicator Brush Head No Clean 102 Flux Paste/solder Paste/ Flux Pen/ Welding Flux 1PCS

BON-102 Solder Paste Pen Flux-Coating Tool Flux paste brush for PCB welding 

Name: Flux Pen

Condition: Brand New From Factory
Model: BON102
Capacity: 7ml
Tip Size: 4.3mm
Tip Length: 14mm
Total Size: 18.5cm
Weight: 50g


Easy application of flux with pen-like brush
It is excellent in workability and easy to carry.
Flux replenishment can be done repeatedly.
Flux vaporization is stopped to keep density constant.
Dripping is prevented because of proper flow adjustment mechanism.
It can be used as cleaning brush when charged with alcohol.
The body is transparent and remaining amount can be known at a glance



1. Before welding, flux coated on the base material (to improve wettability)
2. Adoption of amendments to the object when the applied flux, oxidation can remove wax and improve infiltration.
3 used alcohol to clean the substrate (prohibiting the use other organic solvents)

There is not any rosin in this flux pen, you should fill some rosin yourself.

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