Brass Wire Copper Brush Rotary Copper Wire PCB Board Polishing Tool

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Rotary steel copper wire brush accessory fits for phone PCB board polishing tool, Brass wire brush for find the short-circuited parts quickly, the copper brush can be connected to a digital multimeter pen to find the short-circuited parts quickly.

Brass Wire Copper Brush PCB Short-circuited Multimeter Polishing Tool

When repairing an electronic motherboard circuits, measuring the circuit with a single digital multimeter pen takes a long time, but it's easier to find the short-circuited points by connecting the copper brush to the digital multimeter pen to brush the Pins on the motherboard.

Product name: Copper wire brush
Material: Brass Copper Wire
Weight: 0.02g
Length: About 5cm

It's usage:
It can be used for rust removal and polishing, cultural and playful maintenance, surface paint, paint, polishing, welding seam, danger removal welding slag, burr polishing, cleaning hull, tank, tank, metal spray painting surface treatment, etc.

Package includes:
1pcs x Brass Wire Copper Brush

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