BTS-108 Vacuum Suction Tin Pen Soldering Iron Tin Sucker Removal Tool



BTS-108 vacuum suction tin pen iron desolder solder sucker desoldering pump, BTS-108 manual vacuum suction tin tool for phone motheboard soldering repair, BTS-108 suction tin gun is the solder desoldering pump remover gun sucker, the desoldering pump comes with high vacuum force especially designed for clearing circuit boards in re-work jobs and field repairing.

PHONEFIX BTS-108 Vacuum Suction Tin Pen Solder Removal Tool Desoldering Pump

New anti-skid solder sucker
Desoldering pump tool removal vacuum soldering iron desolver
Solder sucker desoldering pump
Most easy solution for removing solder
Desoldering pump designed to be easy to use

1. Inside Spring use pull out design, make suction strong
2. Built-in tip:no worry about loose tips or deformation.
3. Anti-rust lasting spring and easy replaceable tip.
4. Soft anti-skid handle.

1. Quick and easy solder residue clearance.
2. Ergonomic design: Especiallly made for long operation needs.
3. Widely used in home, repairing work and lab.

Package Includes:
1pcs x Desoldering Pump

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