Cable Winder Organizer Desktop Cable Collector Holder Clip Tool

Size: 3 Channel
Color: Blue


Cable Winder Organizer Desktop Cord Wire Management Cable Holder Clips for USB Charging Cable Mouse Cable Power Cord PC Office Home

Option type/ Color :
  • 3-Hole - Gray / Blue;
  • 5-Hole - Gray / Blue / Black;
  • 7-Hole - Gray / Black

Usage :
3/5/7 Channel Desktop Cord holder management clip for power cord, charging cord, USB cord, mouse cable. It has a strong adhesive tape on the back, which can be fixed on the desktop and wall. You can use it to place pens, headphone cables, USB cables, computer cables and mobile phone chargers, etc. And there are many random colors, which can add some fun to the digital life.

Features :
  1. Silicon Cable Holders, good enough to keep all your messy cables organized and accessible in the positions you require.
  2. Made of 100% silicone, these cable holders are nontoxic, dustfree, antistatic and eco-friendly.
  3. Suitable for computer cable, power cord, USB data cable, network cable.
  4. The clips is good for all smooth and clean surfaces at home or office, such as wall, marble, tables, plastic, wood, glass, metal, rubber.
  5. Make sure to clean the wall or desk surface first.

Specification :
  • Item name: Cable winder organizer
  • Material: Silica gel
  • Color: Blue, black, grey
  • Size: 3 / 5 / 7 channel
  • Material: Silica gel, followed by a strong adhesive, no trace wash adhesive
  • Packaging: Self-packaging of suction card and insert card, and bulk sales
  • Application: Table, head of bed, socket, car line, chassis line.

Package List :
  • 1pc x Cable winder

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