Carson MicroBrite Plus LED Lighted 60X-240X Pocket Microscope

Style: 60x to 100x


Mini Handheld 60x to 100x / 200x-240x Pocket Microscope Magnifer Loupe Magnification Pocket Microscope Jewelry Magnifier
60x to 100x

200X to 240X


Item Type: Portable Microscope
Precision Molded Aspheric Lenses Provide Superior Optics
Magnification: 200x-240x / 60X-10 0X Magnification Range
Material: ABS, Coated Optical Glass Lens
Illuminated: LED Light, UV Light
Size: 1.2 inch x 2.25 inch x 3.5 inch
Battery: Batteries (NOT included for safety)
Weight: 120g

Feature: 200/240x or 60/100X zoom, LED light and UV light, with universal mobile phone clip
Designed to be Compact, Lightweight and Portable.Remove the battery before storing the microscope for an extended period

Using Method

Place the base of the microscope flush against a flat viewing surface
Ensure the LED lighting is switched on
Start focusing on the lowest magnification setting
Once you have a clear view of your subject, increase the magnification to your desired level (you may need to slightly adjust the focus again slightly)

A note on using the MicroBrite Plus in the field: Due to high magnification, the focal distance of the MicroBrite Plus is very short (maximum of 2mm past the acrylic base). It is not possible to focus on subjects beyond this focal distance. Looking at larger, three dimensional objects or objects that are not on a flat surface takes practice and a steady hand, especially since small movements are exaggerated with higher magnification. This is why we recommend viewing flatter objects on a flat surface, especially when first using this microscope.

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