Charging Port Flex Cable with Home Button Part for iPhone 7P 8P

Option: iPhone 7
Color: Black


Home button fingerprint repair flex cable for iPhone USB charging dock repair, USB charging dock flex cable (with the function of fingerprint) for iPhone 7/7P 8/8P, black charging connector flex cable ribbon for iPhone 7P 8P, Replacement part for damaged or not working home button and fingerprint

Home Button Fingerprint Replacement For iPhone 7/7Plus 8/8Plus Charging Port Dock Connector Flex Cable

Specifications :
  1. No fingerprint motherboard. Installing the specified interface flex cable and "Touch return", "Press return" can be achieved(with feedback)
  2. It can solve the these BUG problem, just like "Mismatched fingerprint", "Press the power button but can not wake up" and "Call but screen still black"
  3. Achieving the screenshot function by mobile phone fingerprint + power button.
  4. Adding the iPhone 11 fast charging technology to achieve 50% faster charging efficiency than the original machine.
  5. 0 power consumption standby time as same as the original machine.
  6. Built-in original Apple MFI ic. Support iOS 12 and other system. Some exclusive programs can be upgraded in the future

Product Description :
New USB charging dock flex cable (with the function of fingerprint) to fix not working & damaged iPhone 7 7P + 8 8P return home button and fingerprint function. It makes your iPhone 7 7P works like original new. It can be used when iPhone 7 7P original fingerprint flex cable is broken or not working.

iPhone 7 original fingerprint flex cable is broken, second-hand phone no fingerprint function, the battery drain easily, home button is usually irresponsive, all the above-mentioned problems all caused by the fingerprint, now only replace the new charger flex cable dock connector (with the function of fingerprint) can solve the problem, makes your iPhone 7 works like original new.

Temporary Disadvantage:
Lighting headphones are temporarily unavailable (You can purchase the headphone pallet later)

Fault caused by fingerprint cable (home cable):

  • Fingerprint Damage

The original fingerprint is damaged or lost
Two mobile phones are bought without fingerprints.
Mobile phone consumes power quickly
Often can't wake up
Return key does not respond
Poor experience
Low machine value

  • Tail Plug Damaged

Can not be charged
Unable to transfer data
Mobile phone signal reception is weak
Home button / speaker / vibration failure

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