CNC Router PCB BGA IC Grinding Machine For IPhone Motherboard

Voltage: 110V


JY01 CNC Router for iPhone 6 7 8 X Motherboard BGA Chip IC Grinding Machine, Comes with 9pcs iphone motherboard Module from iPhone 6 to iPhone X

You can use the soldering station to solder a good chip in the board after grinding. Great grinding machine in mobile phone repairing and refurbishing.

Touch screen control panel, this machine is perfect to grind and remove the CUP, HHD, WIFI, FONT chips in iPhone series mobile phone without any damage in the board. It is effective machine to help you repair the iPhone 6 6P 6S 6SP 7, 7P. 8 8P X

When use BGA rework station or desoldering station

1. BGA chip is difficult to be removed as soder ball melts but glue didn't.
2. Uneven heat will damage the surrounding chip and PCB layers, heat especially will melt surrounded BGA chip’s solder point and cause short circuit.

When use CNC phone IC grinding machine:

1. We can engraving the whole chip and show the PCB pads.
2. PCB and chip may have tilt angle, it cause the engraving difficult to just cut a flat area, our smart IC remover has detector to check 4 corners of chip before engraving, we can then calculate the chip’s tilt angle.
3. Work without PC, just control the LCD touch screen we can easy to remove BGA chip.
4. No need to do glue removing.


1. No need programming, entered already.
2. Do not need computer.
3. Solves the problem of chip’s tilt angle.
4. Size error polished problem solved, automatically set the size of the chip out of the tool path, support manual settings under the knife depth and coordinates.
5. Smart SD card to store data, a full range of Apple IC home position, the chip grinding parameters have been set already, free update.
6. Monitor tool wear by pressure,
7. Knife pressure spindle overrun, protect board.
8. Y axis pinch hand function.
9. Automatically emergency alarm.
10. eight templates, a full range of iphone original board IC, unlimited upgrades
11. Automatic cleaning system. (included)
12. HD camera (included), can manually focus, distinguish polished IC level, monitoring add depth.

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