Cool LED Glow Light Flex Cable Loud Speaker Lamp for iPhone 6 6P 7 7P

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Cool LED Light Glowing Flash Loud Speaker Flex Cable for iPhone 6 6 plus 6S 6S Plus 7 7Plus 8 8Plus

[ Optional Types ] :
  1. Option 1: iPhone 5 - two bottom
  2. Option 2: iPhone 5C - single bottom
  3. Option 3: iPhone 5S - two bottom
  4. Option 4: iPhone 6 6S - single bottom
  5. Option 5: iPhone 6P/6SP - single bottom
  6. Option 6: iPhone 7 7plus - two bottom



  1. 100% new and high quality.
  2. Light color will change automatically.
  3. The light flashes in turn when you call or speak,and it will flashes with the music rhythm.
  4. Compatible for : for iPhone 6/6Plus/6S/6S Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus

Installation guide:

  1. Remove the speaker module on the lighting cable assembly.
  2. Remove the small black adhesive strip at the speaker module exit.
  3. The contact point of the music line lamp is aligned to the lighting. The bell contact points of the assembly are tightly pressed (with 3M double adhesive) fixed, vertical taillights fold alignment speaker sound outlet position.
  4. Install loudspeaker module.

Package includes:

  • 1Pcs x Loud Speaker Lamp Flex Cable

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