Damaged Used Logic Board For iPhone 11 Pro Max Skill Training Tool

Package: XR


Damaged used logic board for iPhone 11 pro max motherboard repair, iPhone motherboard repair consumables for iPhone motherboard repair training skill, it is damaged used iPhone motherboard, not working motherboard, damaged logic board skill training tool for iPhone 11 pro xs max motherboard repair.

iPhone Damaged Used Motherboard Repair Consumables for iPhone Repair Training Skill 

Remark: it is damaged iPhone motherboard, it is not the working motherboard, just use for training skill, no warranty.

Optional Model:
  • Option 1: XS Max Punch Motherboard with Touch Pad
  • Option 2: XS Max Upper Layer Motherboard Board
  • Option 3: XS Max Lower Layer Motherboard Board with Touch Pad
  • Option 4: iPhone 11 Punch Motherboard
  • Option 5: iPhone 11 Upper Layer Motherboard Board
  • Option 6: iPhone 11 Lower Layer Motherboard Board
  • Option 7: iPhone 11 Pro Upper Layer Motherboard Board
  • Option 8: iPhone 11 Pro Lower Layer Motherboard Board

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