iPhone 6s 7 7p 8 X 11 Pro Max DC Power Supply Cable Replace Battery

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Repair power current test cable and re-flash cable fro cell phone repair, multi-function power supply test cable for iphone 6s - 11 pro max, professional DC power battery activation charger cable for iphone 7 7p 8 8p X 11 pro max, cell phone DC power test cable for iPhone 6s 6sp 7 7p 8 8p 11 pro max Samsung battery charge cable

W103A for iphone 6s 6sp 7 7p 8 X + 11 pro max Repair Power Cables Battery Charger Cable

1. Specially use for iPhone 6s/6sp/7/7P + 8 8P X + Xs max +11 pro maxetc.
2. Add android charging port, USB interface.
3. To view the phone operating current throuhg power, judge mobile trouble according to the current, plugged directly in the positive and negative interfaces.
4. Built-in original IC,
5. With pure copper wire, copper terminals, conduction is more stronger.
6. New cell repair cable has five kinds of battery interface, can be used as built-in battery. Red and black alligator clip can be applied to other Andrews mobile phone power.

1: iphone 8 8P+X + XS max 11 pro max
2: iPhone 7
3: iPhone 7Plus
4: iPhone 6S
6: iPhone 6SPlus
7: USB female port
8: Red +Black Clamp
9: power Red +Black Port t

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