DES 560B Handheld Hot Air Gun For Digital De-Soldering Rework Station

Voltage: 220V
Option: handle bracket


DES 560B 560W precision manufacturing concentrated desoldering station, German brand DES 560W handheld digital hot air gun soldering station for mobile phone repair tool, 560B digital hot air gun / turbo cyclone / dormancy concentrated desoldering station

DES 560B Precision Handheld Digital Hot Air Gun De-Soldering Station

Optional Package :
  • DES 560B without handle bracket
  • DES 560B with handle bracket

Product Features :

  1. Original German famous brand DES. 100% original brand new
  2. Fast heating speed and anti-static protection
  3. German MCH long time span heating element
  4. Brushless motor, auto sleeping and cooling function
  5. whirlwind blow, the heating is more uniform
  6. Micro control and no noise
  7. Digital temperature display
  8. Small volume, saving working space with the new design
  9. It is new vortex design for exit, deccreasing anomaly temperature
  10. Small body volume, saving working space, portable handle domiation
  11. Adjustable air volume & temperature, adapting to de-soldering chips of QFP, SOP, PLCC & SOJ
  12. Setting Cooling function, turning off the power, the system continues sending cool air until the temperature is lower down to 80℃, protecting the elements from high temperature damage
  13. Inside temperature sensor setting, ensuring stable temperature for different air volume
  14. Static elimination design that is safe for sensitive elements

Product Specification :

  • Name: DES 560B
  • Display: Digital display
  • Power consumption: 560W
  • Temperature Range: 80-600℃
  • Air-volume: level 1-8
  • DC turbine fan: 5V/8300 Rotation
  • High temperature set of head: GP6/GP6 (Purchase additionally)
  • Exothermic material: 220V/A1526 110V/A1525
  • Cord length: 1.6m
  • Total length (without cord): 250 (L) mm
  • Weight: 0.6KG
  • Packing size:320*205*60mm
  • Power Supply: AC 110V/60Hz AC 220V/50Hz

Package includes :

  • 1pcs x Packaging cwrton
  • 1pcs x Instruction manual
  • 1pcs x Mainframe
  • 1pcs x FP Pick-up wire (L)
  • 1pcs x FP Pick-up wire (S)
  • 1pcs x Spurt-tip A1130
  • 1pcs x Spurt-tip A1170A

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