493 Desktop Soldering Smoke Absorber ESD Fume Extractor 220V

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Condition: Machine 220V Only


30W 220V 493 desktop solder iron smoke absorber with smoking pipe interface, fume extractor soldering iron work air filter smoke fan tool, 30W 493 solder smoke absorber ESD fume extractor, 220V portable solder smoke absorber ESD fume extractor for soldering iron work, desktop solder smoke absorber extractor air filter fan with activated carbon filter sponge

220V Portable Solder Smoke Absorber ESD Fume Extractor For Soldering Iron Work Soldering Smoking Fan with Activated Carbon Filter Sponge

Product Description :

  • Outer casing is Made of anti-static materials. It's anti-static and safe.
  • Special appearance structural design for powerful absorbing.
  • Soldering work requires a flux.
  • This flux is mainly composed of rosin-resin,and is mixed with a slight activator(halogen organic agent), which is commonly called"pine resin".
  • Abietic acid, the main component of rosin is denatured to neo-abietic acid when temperature is increased. In this prosses, noxious components such as salycylic acid and pinene are generated in the evaporating smoke.
  • Flux containing large quantities of resin generate phenol and activators generate hydrogen chloride, etc.
  • The termissible concentrations for such noxious gases are regulated by the Japan Asssociation for Industrial Sanitation Standards ACGIH standard, etc.Inhalation of such noxious components will result in headanches, nausea,eye irritations, etc.
  • 493 is a newly developed product with a high per-formance fan and an activated carbon filter designed to ab-sorb flux and lead fumes

Product Specification :

  • Model: 493
  • Materials: Plastic + Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Power: 220V
  • Decibel: About 60
  • Size: 220cm*270cm*168cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Power Consumption : 30W
  • Power consumption: 14 / 16W (50 / 60Hz)
  • Absorb Into Quantity : About 1.07mxmxm/min or 0.93 mxmxm/min
  • AC: 50 / 60Hz

Air Flow :

  • 50Hz: 22W, 0.93Cube Meters per minute
  • 60Hz: 30W, 1.07Cube Meters per minute

Product Features :

  1. Compact structure, easy to move.
  2. Activated carbon filter sheet can be replaced.
  3. Low motor with double ball bearing, stable running and low noise.

Package included :

  • 1pcs x Desktop Absorber
  • 1pcs x Activated Carbon Foam
  • 1pcs x Smoking pipe interface

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