DL-100 4 IN 1 Display Screen Test Detector Board for iPhone X XS MAX



4-IN-1 iPhone LCD Screen Test Board Screen Display Testing Machine for iPhone X XS MAX XR

Display Multiple Test Pictures to Detect Display Status Problems.

Versatile in one model support
Quickly compatible with latest iphone models
Easy to operate and highly reliable
Video and technical guidance
Integration multi-test card desgin
One machine with multiple boards
Support for X / XS / XS max / XR
Will expand more models and updated in future.

1. A machine test multiple types of display modules: X XS XS MAX XR
2. Display test: display multiple test pictures to detect display problems;
3. Click wake-up: when the phone is black, you can light the screen by tapping the screen. In the test box black display screen, tap the screen to light the screen to test this function;
4. Touch test work: automatic detection of hardware is good or bad, through the edge line to comprehensively detect the quality of the touch sensor, single point cross detection of any position touch function;
5. 3D Touch test: can test full-screen pressure at any position, pressure grading test;
6. Adjust the screen brightness: adjust and view the screen brightness, test the stability of the screen brightness display;
7. Automatic test screen flip cover off function: Apple original flip cover with the screen to use, automatically brighten the screen when flipping, automatically off when the cover is closed; this test box can automatically test whether the screen can match the original Apple Use with a flip cover;
8. Restore the original color and automatic brightness function; repair the original color display of the screen and automatically adjust the brightness data, the new screen is installed after the shell automatically adjusts the brightness and the original color display.

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