Double Layers Heat-Resistant Insulation Pad Anti-Static Mat Platform

Color: Blue


Double Layers Heat-resistant insulation pad Anti-static mat BGA Maintenance Platform

Base platform Size: 480MM*360MM*15MM, (0.65kg)

Maintenance platform size: 450MM*245MM*5MM (0.4kg)

Total: 1.1KG

multicolor optional [ Optional Color ]:
  • Optional 1: Gray
  • Optional 2: Green
  • Optional 3: Blue
Double Layers Heat-resistant ESD mat Anti-static mat for BGA repair work, ESD mat Anti-static mat Antistatic blanket ESD table mat for BGA repair work Maintenance Platform Desk Mat.

Type: Heat insulation pad
Net weight: 1.3kg (include package)
Size: Base platform Size: 480MM*360MM*15MM + Maintenance platform size: 450MM*245MM*5MM
Heat resistance: 500 °C
Material: Silicone

*Maintenance : Water washing detergent or soft cloth
*Resistance to high temperature of 500 °C
*good partner for hot air gun

This Patience high-temperature Pad can withstand 500 degrees temperature, prolonged use will not be deformed, not smoke, does not emit disgusting smell. Normal use of air gun temperature is generally 200 to 380 degrees, 500 degrees
to really go on.

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