DRG-102 30g Silicone Thermal Compound Grease for CPU Heat Sink



DRG-102 30g Syringe CPU Cooling Thermal Compound Paste Heat Sink Compound Silicone Grease Paste

  1. High temperature resistant.
  2. Low oil departs and non-corrosive.
  3. Apply to Rosh environmental requirements.
  4. High thermal conductivity and effective insulation.
  5. Widely used in CPU and GPU.

How to use:
  1. Clean the surface needed to be smeared, and remove oil stains.
  2. Then directly extrude the thermal grease to uniformly smear the surface

  • Color: Grey
  • Storage: Sealed, 25 ° C, keep cool
  • Application: Intel AMD CPU IC Chip Heatink
  • Thermal Conductivity: >1.2w/m. k.
  • Thermal Resistance: >0.270C - in2/w.
  • Operation Temperature: -30-150 C.

Package includes:
  • 1 x DRG-102 Silicone Grease (Syringe)

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