DT880 USB Charging Port Current Detector with iPhone 6 7 8 X Cable

Style: DT880


USB Current Detector, Real-Time Current Monitoring Instant Current Capture Fine Workmanship for iOS Phone

Product Parameter:
- For Models : for iPhone 6, 6P, 6S, 6SP, 7, 7P, 8, X, XS
- Powered by : Mobile phone charger, mobile power supply, USB power supply
- Input Voltage : DC 5V
- Input Current : DC >2A
- Working Temperature : -10℃ to 50℃
- Humidity : <75%
- Size : 102 x 47 x 24mm (L*W*H)
- G.W. : 250 g

- Long press the POWER key to automatically switch the direction of the display.Short press the POWER key to run the output power on or off.
- Automatically lock the maximum test current.
- Analog battery real data.
- Press the TEST key to start the motherboard of the mobile phone.

1. Button function:
A total of 2 Buttons: [ POWER ] button, [ TEST ] button
[ POWER ] Button: There are long presses and short presses.
Short press: turn the power output on and off.
Long press: switch the display direction, you can switch in any direction.
[ TEST ] Button: only short press.
Short press: You can start the phone motherboard with one button, no need to boot in other ways.
Individual mobile phones can try to press for a few more seconds if they do not start up.

2. Battery data
This product has battery data to simulate the battery working environment in real time, so that the mobile phone motherboard does not shut down for a long time without restarting.

Package List:
Host: 1 pc
iPhone Test cable: 7 pcs
Data Cable: 2 pcs

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