DW-80 soldering gun adjustable Constant Temperature automatic tin

VC553: DW-80A External heat


DW-80A / DN-80A / DN-P80 adjustable Constant Temperature automatic tin soldering gun with Send Tin Gun

[ Optional Soldering Iron Gun ]:
Optional 1: DW-80A External heat
Optional 2: DN-80A Inherent heat
Optional 3: DN-P80 Inherent heat New design

Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz
Max Power: 80W
Temperature range: 200-450
Meet the impressible temperature requirement
Lead-Free welding tip
Microcomputer intelligence temperature controller
With constant temperature controller, ±30℃
Ceramics heat core

1. Hand gun used for the first time, be warm a few minutes, a smoke is a normal phenomenon, will disappear in a few seconds.
2. Will be rated into the tin from the tin line into the mouth, and then pull the trigger direction of the arrow until the tin lead solder wire to the nozzle only to be working.
3. Stop the use or replacement of tin wire to be out, as long as the direction of the board-up drive, and remove the tin wire.
4. Heater replacement, the first protective cover removed, open the heater connection, and then remove the iron Tsui to the core of the heat can be replaced.

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