Earpiece Foam Insulator Conductive Sticker For iPhone 6 To iPhone X

Model: 6 conductive


IPhone earpiece foam, iPhone earpiece side sticker, iPhone earpiece foam conductive spacer, iPhone earpiece insulator sticker, iPhone earpiece foam sticker for iPhone 6 to iPhone X. iPhone earpiece parts replacement.

iPhone earpiece foam insulator conductive sticker for iPhone 6/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/X.

6 conductive: iPhone 6 earpiece foam conductive spacer
6 insulator: iPhone 6 earpiece insulator sticker on fastening plate
6S insulator: iPhone 6S earpiece side insulator sticker
6P/6SP conductive: iPhone 6P/6SP earpiece foam conductive spacer
7 conductive: iPhone 7 earpiece on fastening plate conductive spacer
7P foam: iPhone 7 Plus earpiece plate conductive foam pad
7P conductive: iPhone 7 Plus earpiece fastening plate conductive spacer
X foam: iPhone X earpiece foam
X short foam: iPhone X earpiece side short foam
X double-sided sticker: iPhone X earpiece black double-sided sticker
X flex sticker: iPhone X earpiece flex sticker
X sticker: iPhone X earpiece side sticker

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