Electric LCD OCA Glue Remover Machine for Phone Screen Repair



PHONEFIX Electric Hand Held Phone Screen LCD OCA Glue Cleaning Tool Glue Clean Machine for Phone LCD Screen Repair

Features : 
  1. In addition to the use of brushless high precision imported motor, the OCA glue removal tool is also very safe and efficient.
  2. It is designed with automatic protection function (more than the maximum torque will take automatic protection), more secure.
  3. It is used for rolling or removing the OCA glue on mobile phone LCD screen with very safe, convenient and efficient operation.
  4. Can remove OCA glue, apple whole series of original glue, OPPO, VIVO and many cell phone liquid crystal glue.
  5. The phone fix assistant is an ideal solution for iPhone, Samsung, Oppo and any other cell phone LCD repair.

Precautions : 
  1. The principle of OCA glue removal tool is to use the fine needle to roll up the OCA glue on the screen;
  2. Before use, the screen can be placed on the adhesive pad or vacuum separator, try not put the screen with backlight on the separator after heating;
  3. In the process of removing glue, hold one of the fine needles, and the other hand control the motor switch;
  4. When the fine needle film glue to a certain amount, pay attention to take off some glue, when the tool roll too much glue and cannot work smoothly, control the button both clockwise and counterclockwise on motor.

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