Empty Alcohol Bottle with Stainless Steel Cap for Phone Cleaning Tool

Size: 180ML


Clean Anti-static Plastic Liquid Alcohol Bottle with Stainless Steel Bottle Cap Press Nail Polish Remover Dispenser Pumping Bottle for Phones Panel Cleaning Tool

Capacity :
  • Option 1: 180ML
  • Option 2: 250ML

Description :
  • With a stainless steel bottle cap, anti-volatilization
  • Great for storing liquid like alcohol, solder flux, nail cleaner, etc
  • Push down the top of the bottle to take liquid from the bottle
  • Liquid component pot bottle with push button for alcohol spirit water for cleaning panel mobile phones repair essential tool

Features :
  • Made of plastic and stainless steel materials.
  • It is anti-static.
  • It is used for use and clean of the electronic equipment, precision machine and soldering occasion.
  • This Anti-static Alcohol Bottle is suitable for medical, industry use.
  • It can make you take out the liquid what you need, avoid volatilization and overflow and prevent the water you took out reflux in the bottle.

Specification :
  • Material: PP Plastic; Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 180ml / 250ml
  • Color: White

Package List :
  • 1pc x Plastic Empty Liquid Alcohol

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