ESD Heat Insulation Working Mat Soldering Mat Repair

size: 30CM*20CM


Mini PHONEFIX Heat Insulation Pad (Size: 30CM*20CM) for Cell phone / Laptop / Computer PCB DIY Repair Soldering Mat, Heat-Resistant DIY Soldering Mat for BGA Hot Gun Iron Soldering Repair Mat.

Heat Insulation Pad phone Screen Repair Pad PCB DIY Repair Soldering Mat

ESD Heat Insulation Working Mat Soldering Station Iron Phone Computer Repair Mat Heat-resistant BGA Insulator Platform

Mobile phone PCB DIY Repair Soldering Mat, high-temperature corrosion-resistant ESD Mat. Universal Anti Static Heat Insulation Solder Silicone Pad Platform for iPhone Samsung motherboard repair

[ Option Size ESD Mat ] :

  • 30CM*20CM

Specification :
  • Material: Patience high-temperature material
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: 30CM*20CM

Features :
  1. This mat is made of silicone, anti-static, and can resist high temperature to protect the work platform.
  2. With good heat accumulation when you solder IC, at the same time, with adhesion for anti-skid.
  3. And it's non-corrosive, you can use banana oil to clean directly.

Package includes : 
  • 1pcs x Silicone Pad

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