ESD Safe Brush with Wooden Handle Soft Dust Cleaning Tool For Phone PC

Size: 1#


Red anti-static soft brush for cell phone repair cleaning tool, multi-purpose ESD safe banister brush dust cleaning tool with wooden handle and soft hair for phone motherboard cleaning, never scratch or damage your mobile phone components.

ESD Safe Banister Brush Soft Dust Cleaning Tool with Wooden Handle For Cleaning Mobile Phone Components

Optional Size Brush:
Option 1: 1# - Brush - W: 0.7CM, 24.5CM
Option 2: 2# - Brush - W: 1.0CM, 24.3CM
Option 3: 6# - Brush - W: 1.0CM, 25.0CM
Option 4: 12# - Brush-W: 2.0CM, 28.5CM

cleaning brush tool with long Wooden Handle
3 sizes for your choice
Small size can be used for narrow cracks
Large size provides the maximum surface contact while sweeping
Widely applied for cleaning your keyboard, mobile phone components, computer fan, or laptop etc
Use soft hair,never scratch or damage your mobile phone components
An essential cleaning tool for professional technicians

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