Full Set Screws with Independent Numbers Diagram For iPhone 6 7 XS MAX

Option: 6
Color: Black


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iPhone Full Set Screws with Independent Location Number Diagram Packaged By Different Bags For iPhone 6 7 8 X XS MAX

Before disassembling iPhone
  1. Back up the iPhone, in case the iPhone is damaged and lost data.
  2. Clean your hand, because there's electrostatic on the hands, especially in winter.
  3. Statistics show that 70% of the faults are caused by electrostatic.
  4. Turn off the iPhone before disassembling to protect the iPhone from electrostatic.
  5. Prepare the phone repair tools, and keep the workstation clean.
  6. Remove the iPhone screws, and keep them safe, different screw models should be placed separately, don't mixed them.
  7. Keep those components in a clean place to protect them.
  8. When install these screws back to the iPhone, please install the right screw model in the right position, otherwise, it will easy to damage the iPhone or iPhone motherboard.
  9. Please turn on the iPhone before installing the iPhone screen to check whether the screen is installed well.
  10. Any questions, please contact us

Note: Please install the screw to the correct location, otherwise, it could damage the iPhone, such as corrosion screw hole, short-circuit motherboard, etc.

Package includes:
  • 1 x full set screws with independent numbers
  • 1 x full screws location diagram

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