FUME Extractor Smoke Absorber Smoke Soldering Absorbing Purifying Tool

Voltage: 220V


FUME strong suction extractor smoke absorber for phone PCB BGA soldering smoke absorbing purifying, FUME extractor smoke absorber comes with 1.2m bamboo smoke tube, its suction is very strong, can quickly absorb smoke and odor, dust, it can be used for soldering iron station, laser machine, chemical experiments, cosmetic medicine, etc.

FUME Extractor Smoke Absorber External Configuration : 



FUME Extractor Smoke Absorber



Main Unit


Air Intake

Metal buckles(both sides)

Recessed handles(both sides)

Air volume control button

Silicone non-slip pad(4 corners)

Smoke Tube

Smoking cover

1.2m bamboo smoking tube

FUME Extractor Smoke Absorber Relevant Parameters : 





Input Voltage




System flow


Filter level


Main unit size


Main unit weight


Smoking tube


Control Method



FUME Extractor Smoke Absorber is a universal smoke exhaust device; it works in many fields, not only for phone repairing soldering, also can be used in Medicine, Beauty, Laser, Chemical Experiments, etc.

FUME Extractor Smoke Absorber Multi-layer Filtration System : 

Three-layer filtration


Expiration date

First layer

Filter cotton(Filter 60)

7-15 days

Second layer

Filter cotton(Filter PM0.3)

3 months

Third layer

Particulate air filter(filter smoke)

More than 6 months

Operation method : 

  1. Turn on the power button, turn the control button to make machine work according to the required air volume,
  2. Turn the control button to “OFF”, the machine will stop working;
  3. Turn the control button to “ON”, the machine will start working;
  4. Turn the control button to “MAX”, the machine will use the maximum value.

    Excellent Technology High Speed Brushless Motor
  • DC brushless motor
  • Stable performance
  • Special materials, long life
  • Effectively prevents wind wheel corrosion.

FUME Extractor Smoke Absorber Filter Installation : 

  1. Put in high-efficiency particulate air filter (third layer)
  2. Put in middle Filter cotton PM0.3 (second layer)
  3. Put in filter cotton filter 60(first layer)
  4. Close the cover, tight buckles

Package List : 

  • FUME extractor smoke absorber main unit
  • 1.2m smoke pipe
  • Power cable
  • Filter cotton filter 60(first layer)
  • Middle Filter cotton PM0.3 (second layer)
  • High-efficiency particulate air filter (third layer)

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