Glass Liquid Alcohol Bottle Cleaner Bottle for Phone Repair Tool

Size: 100MML


Empty Glass Liquid Alcohol Bottle with Push Pump Anti-corrosion Cleaner Bottle for Special Phone Repair Tool

Option Type:
  • Option 1: 100ML Glass liquid alcohol bottle
  • Option 2: 150ML Glass liquid alcohol bottle

  • Material: Glass, Stainless Steel
  • Color: Transparent
  • Capacity: 100ML / 150ML
  • Usage: for storing acetone / cleanser / polish remover / makeup remover etc.

  1. It adopts anti-corrosion pump and anti-acid and anti-corrosion anti-corrosion glass material, which has superior corrosion resistance.
  2. Good light transmission, it is easy to see the liquid condition.
  3. Easy to take liquid, save time and improve work efficiency.
  4. Closed valves can prevent the sucked liquid from flowing back into the bottle and prevent the liquid in the bottle from evaporating and polluting the working environment.
  5. It can prevent static electricity.

Usage: Fill the bottle with the liquid desired. Simply place a cotton pad on the top and press the center of the lip, then the liquid will be poured from the bottle, fill up the lip and be soaked by the cotton pad.

Package List:
  • 1pc x Empty Glass Alcohol Bottle

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