Glue Cleaning Pry Knife Graver Blade for iPhone A9 A10 A11 CPU Remove

Package: double-edged handle
Option: Without blade


PHONEFIX Cell Phone Motherboard Repair Tool CPU BGA Chip Removal Graver for iPhone A8 9 A10 A11 CPU Removal Blades 

Despiction :
  • Phone BGA Chip Remover Blade is common used disassembly tools for small and slightly smaller IC parts on the motherboard of the mobile phone, when the BGA CPU chip can not be removed, the ultra-thin blades will offer the best solution to pry out the chip easily without any damage.
  • The high quality pry knife is also a perfect cleaning tool for glue removal on iPhone motherboard.

Option Type :
  • Option 1: 13-IN-1 iPhone CPU Removal Graver: 12pcs Blade + double-edged handle
  • Option 2: 16-IN-1 iPhone CPU Removal Graver: 15pcs Blade + double-edged handle
  • Option 3: 22-IN-1 iPhone CPU Removal Graver: 21pcs Blade + double-edged handle
  • Option 4: Double-edged handle without any Blade

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