Green UV Oil Net Plastic Flux Net Sheet for BGA Paint Scratch Repair

Size: iphone 5-7P


Green oil plastic net sheet for iPhone BGA chip scratch repair, green UV solder mask ink for iphone BGA chip paint-shedding on iphone motherboard, replacement parts for iphone 5/5s/6/6p/6s/6sp/7/7p NAND, WIFI, Baseband, A6/A7/A8/A9/A10 BGA chip nick paint repairing net.

Green BGA Oil Net UV Welding Flux Plastic Net Sheet for Repairing Paint-shedding on iPhone Motherboard

A packet: many pieces of paper, many pcs small Plastic net, WL BGA Stencil of Solder Mask Ink repair Paint-shedding on BGA CHIP Fix Repair phone BGA chip scratch

GREEN UV Solder Mask Ink for repair BGA CHIP Paint-shedding on iphone, how to fix and repair damaged insulation layer of chip and logic board on iphone (BGA Paint-shedding), especially for large damaged area, it's a big problem

For the damaged insulation layer of iphone BGA chip and logic board, especially for large damaged area, it's a big problem for repairmen. Here we use MJ BGA Stencil of Solder Mask Ink, UV light, and Solder Mask Ink to fix it. This is a rapid and easy way, which can improve the success rate and save time. After some practice, you can do it well.

Polish A8 A9 A10 A11 Priming Paint, Mock Falls off of paint

Demo Video:

Demo video for MJ BGA Stencil of UV Solder Resist repair damaged insulation layer on BGA chip

Demo Video: /

another demo video:

WL BGA Stencil of iphone PCB Solder Mask

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