Heat Air Gun Nozzle Sleeve for iPhone CPU Jumper Wire Assistant Tool

Size: 2mm nozzle
Option: without


PHONEFIX 45 Degrees Hot Air Gun Nozzle Special-purpose Microscope Hot Air Gun Nozzle Sleeve for iPhone CPU Jumper Wire Assistant Tool

4 kinds Nozzle (wind mouth) 2/4/7/10mm, fit with 861DW, 856,731,208 quick of Air Gun.

Optional Types : 
  • Option 1: 3 blades and 3 different sleeves.
  • Option 2: 2mm Nozzle
  • Option 3: 4mm Nozzle
  • Option 4: 7mm Nozzle
  • Option 5: 10mm Nozzle
  • Option 6: 3 blades and 3 different sleeves + 4pcs Nozzle (wind mouth)

Advantages of CPU jumper wire assistant :
Avoid CPU disassembly, avoid CPU punching, avoid card slot disassembly , offer fast operation

Usage: Special design for iPhone 6, iPhone 6P reboot problem caused by CPU and logical chip disconnection. Use No. 3 blade on the bottom left corner of the CPU
Heating air gun 5-10 seconds with 450 degrees (861DW), the blade can be inserted after the melting point of tin is reached. After the insertion, use multimeter to measure
Whether the blade has any resistance, if yes, fold the 0.1 wire with 90 degrees and cover it with tin, then insert to complete operation.

Three special removing glue blades are presented, Size: 6mm 7mm 10mm, the kit consists of 3 blades and 3 different sleeves (excluding air nozzles)
It is designed to solve the problem of CPU side horizontal heating that cannot be solved by ordinary nozzle. The side heating function can be realized as long as the sleeve is sheathed on the original air gun mouth.

45 Degree Angle Hot Air Gun Sleeve advantage:
Easy to install, offer good sight for operation, easy to operate
Now phone main board is more sophisticated such as iPhone 8 and apple watch,etc. The repair operation cannot completed just by eyes, there must be a microscope
collaboration, the traditional hot air gun direct port is very hard to be operated under the microscope. Use a 45 degree angle sleeve can offer you easier maintenance work
Methods: according to the size of air gun nozzles, you can choose the corresponding 45 degree nozzle sleeve

Attention: if loose, use pliers to pinch middle part

Package List:

  • 1pc x Heat Gun Nozzle Sleeve

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