Heat Resistant Polyimide Gold Adhesive Tape for BGA PCB SMT Soldering

Size: 13mm


10m*13mm*0.13mm (thickness) Polyimide gold BGA tape, heat resistant soldering tapes for phone PCB BGA repair, 13mm 19mm width high temperature adhesive insulation tape for electronic BGA PCB SMT soldering shielding, High temperature heat insulation tape for phone motherboard repair tool.

High Temperature Resistant Polyimide Tape for Electronic BGA PCB SMT Soldering Repair Tool

1. One-side Self-adhesive.
2. It's with good performance of adhesive, docile and obedient, solvent resist, no infiltrating solder, no glue rest.
3. Widely used for phone batteries packing, coil insulation and high temperature masking, gold finger protect when PCB SMT soldering.
4. High insulation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali-resistance, low electrolysis, mechanically sound, crocking resistance, tear-resistance, without rest on surface when tear.

Thickness: 0.13mm; Width: 13mm/19mm; Length: 10m
Short-term temperature 500°C; Long-term temperature 400°C

Package includes:
1pcs x Polyimide Tape

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