High Hardness Plastic Shovel Blade for Phone LCD Screen Old Glue Removal

Package: Option 1


High Hardness Plastic Shovel Blade LCD Screen Cleaning Knife Tool for Mobile Phone LCD Screen Old UV Glue Removal

Option Type:
Option 1: One handle and 1pcs plastic shovel blade
Option 2: One handle and 10 pcs plastic shovel blade

Name: Plastic Glue Remover Scraper
Material: Plastic

Plastic Material: It is Light weight and brings the rustproof performance.
Double Edge Blades - economical and lasting using. You can change the blades quickly and easily with the Blades clip.
Sharp yet flexible to conform to the surface and protect them from being scraped.
Scraper heads are angled for better performance, greater control and strength, making scraping projects faster and easier.

Widely used in removing debris, glue, stickers, labels, decals from counter tops, appliances, metal, glass, plastic, granite, etc., perfect for delicate surfaces.

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