High Power Soldering Iron Thermostat long-life EP-D100 EP-D150

VC551: EP-D100 Tip shape


High-power soldering iron EP-D100 (100W) / EP-D150(150W) / EP-D200(200W), Tip shape and horseshoe shaped Soldering iron head. Thermostat Lead-free long-life soldering iron head can satisfy your all kinds of demands. Thermostat soldering head long core tip adopt alloy antioxidize high performance iron tip make your phone repair more easy and convinent

High-power EP-D100/D150/D200 soldering iron: Lead-Free / long-life / Tip or horseshoe Soldering iron head

[ Option thermostat soldering iron ] : 
  • Option 1: EP-D100 Tip shape
  • Option 2: EP-D150 Tip shape
  • Option 3: EP-D200 Tip shape
  • Option 4: EP-D100 horseshoe shaped
  • Option 5: EP-D150 horseshoe shaped
  • Option 6: EP-D200 horseshoe shaped

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